We're launching our new collection! What are your thoughts?

by Emir emir@yenz.co.uk on November 07, 2019

Over the past year Yenz has been working especially hard on a new collection of uber-cool socks. We’ve made it in time for the inviting cold weather and socks are a requisite guest. Inspired by cubism, abstract art, and panoramic designs our latest collection is an aesthetically-wild selection modish shapes, bold colours, and funky interpretations of classic sock drawer staples – from cats and dogs to good old stripy socks.








We’ve got a great album here. Our abstract art-inspired collection features colourful geometric shapes and our personal favourite Doris – a Picasso-esque quirky face sock. Yenz has also decided to bring old memories back to the fore with a Test Card artwork – it’s rather retro we think. For adventure seekers hoping to show off their love for travel and science we’ve introduced new panoramic designs of space, safari, and desert socks.


Yenz started its journey in the bustling boroughs of East London, and as an ode to our early days and all things London we’ve designed two socks featuring iconic London symbols and landmarks. We don’t think we could have a new collection without having animal socks – that’s why we’ve got a typography of off-the-wall glasses-wearing cat and dog socks.







We’re really quite excited about it. So, what’s all the hype you ask? We thought long and hard about what was missing in the world of foot attire. There’s a plethora of fun socks already on the market, but at Yenz that’s not enough. We think we’ve found the missing piece of the puzzle. Giving socks at Christmas is an age-old tradition, yet in a time of greater environmental awareness it’s not always conducive to faff around with little plastic parts, sellotape, and wrapping paper. So, in our whirlwind of brainstorming we’ve introduced a unique way to package socks in recyclable paper. All our socks are elegantly rolled up into resilient little pots featuring a wrap-around design to match the fun foot warmers inside. And, the pots are great for planting a cactus. It’s a well-known fact that people hate wrapping as much as they hate Brussel sprouts. You can thank us later for saving you from the agony of wrapping socks.


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