What do your socks say about you?

by Emir Imen on October 30, 2020

Quite a lot actually! Whether you love arty novelty socks or silly socks, stripy funky men’s socks or funny dress socks – your choice of socks says a lot about your personality. Don’t believe us, carry on reading and see if we’ve got your personality worked out by the socks you wear. 

Yenz red geometric socks

Do you like wearing bright colours?

Apparently, wearing colours such as block red is a sign of power and an intention to get down to business. It’s usually an office favourite for big business meetings.

Do you prefer crazy socks?

You’re an adventure seeker with a fun-loving personality. You’re not afraid to let your guard down no matter what the setting. You live by the motto that humour can add to any situation. These kinds of crazy fun socks are worn on first dates. So, keep a lookout!

Are stripes your skin?

Colourful stripy socks are a classic choice. Those who live by the stripes of their socks enjoy a little flirtation with relaxed styles while still preferring the security of conventionalism. It’s a popular choice for those with both business acumen and creativity.

Stripy socks

Maybe motifs are your style?

Motif socks are usually seen on those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Usually worn by individuals who belong to a club or collective group, these cool personalities stand tall to represent certain attitudes. Unafraid to display their individuality and brazen about their independence these sock wearers are full of confidence.

‘Monochrome forever’ proclaimers

Monochrome socks in colours such as black, grey, brown and navy are worn by those who are composed and prefer formality and traditional ideas. It’s a go-to sock since there’s no right or wrong when it comes to monochrome colours. Every sock drawer should have a selection of these colours since they’re a man’s must-have essential.

art socks

Are you an odd sock kind of person?

Oddly stylish socks are worn by people who like to go with the flow. They have a carefree attitude with little time for finding the correct pair of socks. Somehow these sock wearers always make a style statement and look cool no matter what.

So, did we figure out your personality? Luckily, at Yenz we’re not here to judge your sock preferences, in fact we encourage creativity with our novelty and abstract designs.


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